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No matter what the occasion, our expert makeup artists can deliver the style you desire, using our high-quality, anti-allergic mineral makeup products.



Do you have a special party, a wedding, birthday, prom or coming up that you want to look your absolute best for? We will make sure you turn all the right heads with the beautifully applied Divine party make-up treatment that will compliment your features, hair and outfit and will last all night or until you drop.



Permanent makeup is a procedure that involves subtle tattooing to enhance colour, alter definition, and beautify shape of a range of facial features, like eyebrows, lip liner, or breast areolas. In a process called micropigmentation, microscopic injections are made using super-thin needles to implant specially-designed, coloured pigment into the middle layer of skin, the dermis. At Divine, we use state of the art equipment like our tattooing pen machine, along with the highest quality sterile needles.

How Permanent Makeup Can Help You

Permanent make-up can greatly refine your appearance and can tailor your look to fit the style you desire. Properly applied permanent eyebrow or lip liner makeup can save you money and time, as you no longer need to apply makeup every morning. You also avoid annoying makeup smudges, no matter if you’re in the gym or at the beach!

Divine is the premier salon in Queen’s Park for permanent makeup design and style, and we are happy to provide free consultancy at any time.

You Should Consider Permanent Makeup if:

  • You’re a busy woman and do not have time to apply makeup every day
  • You want to look chic while working out, swimming, dancing, or anything else that causes your regular makeup to run or smudge.
  • You suffer from especially thin eyebrow hair from conditions such as Alopecia, or from chemotherapy and other treatments
  • You don’t like your current features or want to make uneven areas appear balanced or more equal in size
  • You have oily skin and your makeup often smears easily
  • You suffer from cosmetic allergies and want to avoid irritation or allergic reactions from your daily makeup
  • You’re long sighted and find it difficult to see when applying makeup
  • You have unsteady hands

Permanent Makeup Colour Options

Divine Brazilian Hair & Beauty has a wide range of hypoallergenic pigments for you to choose from, and match to your skin, hair, and eye colour. We recommend you select a conservative colour, as it is far easier to darken permanent makeup than lighten it.

Preparing for Your Procedure

When scheduling your permanent makeup appointment, be sure to keep social arrangements in mind, as you may want to wait until after the first week of healing. You should allow at least 2-3 hours for the initial appointment.

At Your Appointment

At your first consultation, we will select pigment colours that match your skin tone and personal preference and will then apply anaesthetics to the target area. The permanent makeup artist will then mark out a design that fits your specifications and, when you’re happy, the tattooing will begin. Before and after photos will also be taken for you to keep.

After Your Procedure

Immediately after your procedure, you will probably experience mild swelling or tenderness that will disperse within a couple of days. The colour will appear slightly darker than you desire, but will lighten within a week, and after a few weeks will result in your desired permanent makeup shade.


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