We have been providing the people of North West London with injectables and anti-ageing treatments since 2013 and in that time we have expanded our range of treatments tremendously. We offer all types of injectables from nonsurgical facelifts to skin lightening and everything in between!

Anti-Ageing Injections

We offer a cocktail of vitamins to combat the ageing appearance of the skin. Using a microneedle this is injected into the epidermis along with minerals and collagen elastin to reinvigorate your skin and bring back your youthful appearance.

PDO Threads Facelift

A PDO thread lift – also commonly known as a nonsurgical facelift – is a procedure that places a tiny, degradable thread within the skin to tighten, rejuvenate and lift the skin on your face. A PDO thread lift is a minimally invasive procedure that can often produce exceptional results from a simple 45-minute treatment. For this reason, PDO lifts are becoming more and more popular as alternatives to surgical face lifts.

PDO threads have been used in surgeries since the 1980s and have become one of the most popular treatments for nonsurgical facelifts in London. They’re made from a colourless material that breaks down in your body after a short time naturally. You won’t notice them shortly after the recovery period.

These PDO threads cause cells in your body to produce extra collagen which tends to slow down when you reach your 30s and 40s. Collagen is vital for keeping younger looking skin which is why nonsurgical facelifts are so effective.


At Divine, we offer the latest mesotherapy techniques to tighten, firm and rejuvenate skin, as well as removing facial fat deposits. Mesotherapy is used to contour the shape of your face the way you want it by injecting vitamins, enzymes, hormones, and plant extracts into different layers of the skin.

Our professionals use fine needles to make a several injections into a hyper targeted area of your skin. The depth of these injections is determined by the required results, with deeper injections being preferred for treating more stubborn problems like pigmented skin. Mesotherapy essentially reverses issues like bad circulation and inflammation that cause skin damage.

Our professionals have been implementing mesotherapy for 20 years or more and have a wealth of experience to provide expert recommendations for your mesotherapy target areas.

These are the common uses of mesotherapy in London:

  • Reduce fat from face, stomach, thighs, buttocks, hips, legs, arms, and face
  • Reduce the appearance of cellulite
  • Fade wrinkles and lines
  • Tighten up loose skin
  • Reshape and contour the face and body
  • Lighten dark areas and pigmented skin

Dermal Fillers

For more about dermal fillers, visit our informational page here: https://divinebrazilian.co.uk/service/fillers-and-enhancements/

Skin Lightening

Skin whitening, sometimes referred to as skin lightening, skin bleaching or dermal lightening, is a range of treatments designed to lighten the appearance of your skin. Generally, all types of skin lightening methods are designed to reduce melanin concentration in a concentrated area of the skin. We offer several safe and effective skin lightening treatments, including laser skin lightening, chemical peeling and injectables. We only use safe, approved methods and are some of the most experienced professionals in London in skin lightening, so you are in the best hands if you come to us for skin lightening treatments.

We also offer:

  • Double Chin Reduction
  • Skin Booster
  • Injectables for face and body
  • Profilo skin boosting
  • Neck and face anti-ageing